October 17, 2009

Wargghhhh...hate to be like this...

why must this happen to me. god, please help me.
i hate to be like this.
poor of that guy. i didn't mean this thing to be like this.
but, my heart. i cant open my heart to other people. please..
this things always make me tension.
i think that i play around with a guy that love to be with me.
but it hard 4 me to accept them as my special one.
hope they can understand my problem.
i don't know why i still have little love for him.
i don't know what make him very special in my heart.
but it all is over..
i have to forget about him. but its hard.
I hope that i cant forget about him 100%. but, every time i'm alone..
i'll think about him. its hard 4 me to forget him. oh God!
please help meee.. =`(
i gonna throw away my feeling for him quickly. i got to even it hard.

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