August 27, 2013

Long Distance Relationship.

Long Distance Relationship aren't always ideal. In fact, they’re really tough. You spend countless of hours just talking through a phone or through a screen. You can’t see the person when you want to or when you most need it. You can’t hug, you can’t hold hands, you can’t kiss. You lose the intimacy in a physical sense. But then, your relationship becomes based on each other and nothing else.

You learn to COMMUNICATE, because a long-distance relationship without communication is nothing.
You learn to TRUST, because you can’t always see or know everything the person is doing.
You learn to SACRIFICE, because someone’s always going to lose a bit of sleep from the time difference.

And lastly,

You learn to APPRECIATE. So often, we take for granted the people and relationships in our lives because we think they’ll always be there. But when you only have a limited amount of time with a person, you learn to appreciate and cherish every single moment you have with them.

When you finally see that person after weeks or months of seeing them only through a computer screen, It is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

When you've waited for something so long and you finally have it, you cherish it. The key to a long-distance relationship is faith.

If both of you are not willing to give up,
If both of you are willing to stand up and still try after every time one of you or both of you fall.

“Distance isn't for the fearful, it’s for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for the little time with the one they love. It’s for knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough"

I Love you so much Mr. FNCMF. That's always what you do. Me maybe not. Some need times to rebuild. I heart you fat man. xoxo!

August 22, 2013

Me without you!

Hello peeps! Sharing is caring. Suddenly I just feel so insecure today. Hahaha! Emo tiba-tiba sebab hal lalu. Kuikuikui. Wanna share this video to all. This is especially for him my Mr.FNC.

"Imagine me without you"

This song full of meaning.
Imagine me without you, I'd be lost and so confused
I wouldn't last a day, I'd be afraid, Without you there to see me through.

Me without you, is like the beach without sand. You changed my life without even trying and I don't think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me. I can't imagine what things would be like if I hadn't met you. That's all. Love him. wink wink**

August 18, 2013


Hello peeps! Sharing is loving. Aww. Its been a long time didn't update ni diary sinta hati. Hahaha! Okay today story is all about him. Him Mr. FNCMF. 15th Aug is our first monthsary. Happy first monthsary my dear fat man. Eh.. Seriously I don't even know macam mana mau kasi bunga-bunga ni bahasa. Hahaha! I just know to say this to him "He doesn't have to be perfect to be exactly what I need.." Anything, I'm happy and I appreciate what I have now. He is my everything like he always said to me that I am his everything. Thanks love.

Our first relationship didn't work out. This is our second relationship. Hope everything going well. We know almost 5 months already. I know him well? Erm.. Not sure. Same goes to him maybe. Hahaha! We communicate by Wechat! Paling free sudah. Haha! Sebab he pakai DIGI kan and me pakai CELCOM. Then tiap-tiap hari webcam. How I miss him oh! Below is what he said to me when we have a little cute fight. Cute la sangat! Sweet tak? Haha!

And 16th Aug is our first date. Haha! First time meet err.. I feel so nervous tahap gaban la. Haha! Sampai tanam niat tak mau jumpa. Kuikuikui. Our first date was at Centrepoint Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Hew hew hew. Seriously, kenebesan melanda diri bila tiba saat-saat mau jumpa him. Bergegaq badan siot. Hahaha! Awkward moment from the first we met sampai he habis momom. Nasib baik he not diam-diam juga. Heh! My outfit dgn dia memang not match me rasa la! Haha! Smart and berkasut lagi dia and me outfit with selipar. Hahaha! After a year plus, he is the man that hold my hand again. He is the man that hug me and everything la! Haha! Sure, I'm gonna miss him so much after this.

Thanks God, plan untuk met him success juga la. Ada juga certain plan tak menjadi tapi "serou" la daripada takda kan! Hew hew. At night pula outfit terbalik. He pula pakai selipar sajaaa... Hahaha! But it's okay. Nice what. Simple saja. Heh! Teman him pegi momom lagi. Kasian him belum makan sebab takda teman. Jadi FA la ba! Heh! We spend our night berkaraoke, games and movie tapi with sister la. Sister jadi nyamuk. Hahaha!

* Ah Fui Fat and Ah Chyi Chubby! *

* Our first silly picture! *

* Him and Me *

Just wanna tell, I know that he gonna read all this. I love him so much. I appreciate what we have now. May God bless our relationship. I have someone that will love me with all his heart which is you. You know I'm comfortable with you when I'm weird with you, I sing what ever song comes into my mind I say what's on my mind I talk nonsense. Hehe. How I wish I can stay there for one more day. Namun apakan daya la kan! Kuikuikui. Gonna miss this fat man so much! That's all from me. wink wink**

July 31, 2013

No Title


Keep myself in silent mode..

Laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. :)

July 22, 2013

no caption!

Hello lovely blog, sharing is loving.. I heart him now. But, I am afraid and I just keep thinking "is this the real one for me?" There's still a long long journey in life to go on. Him "Mr.FNC", a person I know near about 4 months maybe. Not near but already 4 months. I don't know what make me heart him. Kena jampi sudah kali! Hahaha! Stupid.. Anyway, we both will trying the best. My smile can make peoples melt? What the hell is that? Hahaha! Macam me yang ada pakai jampi supaya orang boleh melt. Yala, thanks to God cause giving me this smile that can make people melt. "1 kali senyum 3 kali pengsan" hahaha! Just can't say too much. So speechless kalau sudah ada orang cakap macam tu. I'm not perasan juga la. Tapi that's what people tell me. Same goes to him "my man".

"I want to be a girl who makes your bad day become your wonderful day and better and the one that makes you say 'MY LIFE HAS CHANGED SINCE I MET HER'. "

That's all for today. Datang mood mau update so suka hati la mau update anytime I want kan! Kuikuikui.. wink wink**

June 16, 2013

Happy Father Day + Congratulation Brother!

Father day!

I don't have other picture melainkan guna balik picture papa with me. Hello! That's us! Mr. White hair and his daughter Miss Golden brown black hair. Ngaaa.. Happy father's day to my papa. Papa, for all those thing i left it unsaid. Thanks for being anywhere for me, being my supporter, my guide and my strength to survive all alone here. Thanks, senantiasa mnjadi my banker or payung. Hahaha! Semestinya la kan! Me is his daughter maa. Me dah besar macam ni sepatutnya dah kerja. Bukan terkapai-kapai kat sini mengejar ilmu. But, that's what my papa wish me to do. I just go on with what he ask me to sincerely. You are the greatest gift I ever had from GOD. My papa is a strict person sebab itu la he still treat me like a 5-6 years old child. I still remember this "ni bu yao pian papa oo. ta ni de pigu cai zhe dao" which mean "You dont lie to me. I will smash your butt" hahaha! Kasar beno ayat me buat. Kira macam tue la means nya. Haha! Yesterday, today, forever I LOVE YOU ALWAYS PAPA! I think of family first before others. They are the one and only valuable treasure I own in this world. Happy father's day paps! Not forget also to all fathers in this world especially to my uncles, cousins and friends. Have a nice day. God bless papa and all.. ♥♥♥

Congratulation Brother!

At the same time wanna wish congrats to my brother sebab dapat further study at Politeknik Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Course Electronic Engineering (Computer). Tak boleh pisah lah kakak and adik dari dunia computer. Tetap melekat juga la gene sikit-sikit. Hahaha! Anyway, Good luck to you Bro. All the best ahead. Make mommy and papa proud!

June 15, 2013

Hangout time!

Hello peeps! Yesterday is the valuable day! Sebab lastly dapat jumpa exhousemate. Lamanya tak jumpa dah after habis kerja at ILP Miri dulu. Really miss her. Apa lagi member lain kat ILP Miri. Yesterday hangout dengan exhousemate at the same time pengantin baru. Hahaha! Me jadi nyamuk la! Kena belanja momom kat Ikan Bakar Parameswara. Bestnya semua kena sponsor. Betul-betul muka doposen la me. Hahaha! Takpa la. Bukan selalu kan. Kuikuikui. Then bawa dorang jalan-jalan kat Jonker Walk. Lepas jonker walk. Bawa mereka naik Menara Taming Sari. Huh! Tak sangka ada orang gayat tinggi. Wakakaka! No wonder la tak banyak cakap time tue. Kantoi disitu.. Hahaha!

* Outfit of the day. Pinky pink! *

* we at Jonker walk! *

* we at Menara Taming Sari *

* gift from Amyrah! Sabah mari! *