October 26, 2009

My edited picture...

this is me. where am i?
i like to edit picture. this is my edited pict
hope to enjoy it.

* this is some of my classmate girl *

* this my roomate n also my classmate fena n me *

* this is my other roomate winnie and me *

* this is us *

* this is me *
feel like emo.
but i'm not emo. just a trick.
btw i'm a simple girl.

* this is 3 of us *
missing 1 of my roomate.

this time we are on the way to see live band competition

* this is all of us *
sori for not too clear of the edited picture.

* we are trying to be pirate *
but we can't coz we only suitable to pirate at our side of room.

* that's me *
taking picture at anywhere n anyplace.

* no comment *
i like this pic much. simple n happy.

* at PMU *
this is when we jogging around our college.

* fogging to prevent Denggi Mosquito *
this when there was fogging at our hostel.

* this is my lovely picture *
happy jumping higher.

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