October 26, 2009

Fogging Day ++ Sport Day...

nothing to do while waiting fogging done.
semua tunggu kat padang. time boring.
ni la keja kami. bergambar la.

yang ni pula girl futsal 1st match.

ni pula 2nd futsal match play by our DNS ladies JTMK department.

ramai juga orang tengok match time 2.
biasa la.. time orang tengah fogging.
xda tempat lain lagi nak pergi.
so they are here to watch the match.

yang ni kira2 pukul 6 lebih larr.
lepas habis fogging 2 we keep snaping kat dobi. haha.
we are trying to do something different.

keep snapping again.
from left my classmate. * Onie *
me at the center and fena ( right ).

again left my classmate also * anney *
we taking picture at anywhere n anyplaces. macam biasa la.

lastly, me and my room mate.
what the ugly face.
taking picture in front of our room.
that is us. enjoy!!

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