October 10, 2009

raya at mr bolkhan house...10 0ct 2009,3 p.m

at that time already over 3 o'clock. we all wait at JTMK department for a car. very2 late. so, we wait while we take some picture. that is me "green t-shirt" and miss putih.

at this time, we all are going to mr bolkhan house. already at car loo. dont know wat to do again. so we take picture to throw away our boredness.

gambar di atas ni, black shirt "wan", white shirt "hadee" and using cap "nafi".
this is when we all already arrive at mr bolkhan house. nyum2....
sedap n lazat. all is made by mr bolkhan. xcept kek.

once again, ni otw blk p poli la ni. boring sgt. full already.mcm mau pecah jak perut. btw thanxs 2 mr.bolkhan for the open house.

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