October 12, 2009

Malam festival Kesenian Tradisional...8 p.m, 11 oct 2009

at this time. very bored listen speech from YB invited by PMU.
so we all taking picture.
this is 4 of us.

from left - carolline, winnie, elie n trifena.
at this time is my 1st time in fully ladies dress.
using baju kurung. feel very funny lorr.
i'm actually is a simple girl. just like 2 wear casual style.

time ni, tgh bersedia mau menyanyi lagu negaraku.
sempat lagi bergambar niee.
2 la kami seroomate ni. suka sgt bergambar.
but not always. just sometimes when feel very bored.

that is carol from left, winnie and me.
gambar ni time YB masih berucap lg.
panjang sangat la ceta dia.
xtau la ada kaitan atau x apa yg dia ckp 2.

yeah...that us.
we rock!!
but me, rock++nerdy with da spec.
wat spoil of that.
btw, enjoying myself.

this is the starting of program.
ni tarian tradisional dari student Politeknik Mukah.
tarian meka nice and beautiful.
its choreograph of style is beautiful. i like it!!

ni group dari Politeknik Kota Kinabalu.
group ni nice sebenarnya. cuma group ni byk sgt mistake dia.
klu meka menari tanpa guna kain 2, maybe kemas sdh tarian meka.
menganggu ja kain sarung 2.
but they already have try their bez.

and the last, dancer group from Politeknik kuching.
this group have small amount of dancer.
they dance nice and quite good. komen.

ni tarian poco2. all dancer n YB join this dances.
they enjoy themselves at the stages.
tarian poco2 ni dibuat sambil tunggu keputusan dari juri.

this is the last before the result of competition is read to us.
all of our lecturer going on the stage 2 dance.

And, for the last our Politeknik Mukah is the winner for this competiton.
so proud of them.
2nd place is win by dancers of Politeknik Kuching.
3rd place win by Politeknik Kota Kinabalu Sabah.
but, for the singing competition is win by Politeknik Kota Kinabalu.
2nd win by Politeknik Mukah.
3rd win by Politeknik Kuching.

the last one from me.
tradisional dance is nice. but i dont like tradisional dance.
it is hard 4 me.
i know it is hard because at my secondary school life.
i also got join this dance.
but it only 4 a moment.
then i quit. very hard oo.
k, have a nice day. enjoy it!!

peace all.

created by me...O'weZ Be Me "LovelyElie"

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