October 12, 2009

Itu diooo!!

i'm excited that i already going through all the exam today.
very hard. 2 exam in one day.
my mind is full of theory already.
i don't like theory much actually. i love practical stuff!

* today evening until night *
at this time, my romate and her classmate is buzy doing their chicken sos.
memang bz sangat2 la time 2.
biasa la. courses yang di ambil pun perdagangan.
so, they have to do their own business job.
jual "ayam + Sosej + bontot ayam".

ni fena.
not honest 2 give a smile.
dont angry miss. ahaks!
she, bz find
song lyrics coz she going to join a competion.
God Bless she. Gud luck yah.

hah yang ni dah xtau mau buat apa.
watching movie jak.
i'm not join them coz
i need 2 study loo. here we are, there's new people in this picture.
at the left of
the picture is Emelda.
we like to call she idang.
she is older than us 1 year,
taking course of Electrical engineering.

* last word from me *
enjoying our world much.
~ our lifestyle always change itself without us wondering.
but, we have to realise that b4 something getting worst ~

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