January 24, 2010

My Day At Miri

I'm enjoy with my day at miri. most thankfulness 2 my frens coz let me stay at her house. thanxs a lot to TRIFENA n family. stay kat rumah org utk 6 month, very long period of practical. btw, i enjoy my life here. Saturday, very bored day xda keja so, we hang out. bro fena mbak kuar. so,we going to esplanade n marina bay. Kaching!!! tenang rasa jiwa mun g cya.

* That's fena & me *

* That's us *
thinking 4 the future.

Model of the week *
nice o not nice huh??Gotcha!!

* Very enjoyful life *

* At marina bay *

* N
ice promotion of esplanade *
peaceful place. love it!

That's is my happy lifetime. love it. appreciate it much. peaceful place 4 me. love to go there again...

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