January 15, 2010

Day After Day...

Like before, after 1st day, on the 1st week, cam biasa...all is a simple work. just key-in data, blajar guna mesin faks. it's easy. though it was difficult. about mesin photostat, 1st day using it, rasanya mau nangis jak. time owg len mk potocopy, dapat...time me???huh!! slalu jak ada masalah. btw, i know how 2 use that machine already. USAHA TANGGA KEJAYAAN rite. with my confidentness, i learn use that machine by myself. tp ada juak la minta ptolongan dari other staf. that's all 4 da 1st week of my practical day. see yah~~

* Both of us have a same practical place *

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