January 13, 2010

1st Day Of Practical

First day, feel tired sbb kena tunggu jumpa dgn pengarah.
even tired, yang best, dpt tgk TV. nice place of ILP Miri.
kat Poli xda juak ruangan menunggu camyar.
it's the 1st place that i go have speacial waiting room.
waiting n waiting until 3p.m baru kena bg tempat tugas masing2.
but, nice!! i've got the good bos. all is happening n sporting. enjoy it!!
but 4 the first starting my practical day, i dont have any work to do.
ada, but it's easy 4 me to do it. by the way, enjoy with my L.I. yuhu!!!

* This is my work place *

* This is my log book. need to update everyday *

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