May 31, 2013


Hello peeps! Just sharing something.. Terniat di hati untuk meluah kat blog. To whom it might concerned to, I'm seek for apologize. I just not too strong to say sorry in front of the person. Something keep playing in my mind when I try to apologize, the person seems to ignore me. Ouch! Pedih macam kena cucuk pisau kat jantung. Serious, tak terniat pun nak moody or marah-marah. But why don't if ada benda serious please be serious. Kan dah kena marah. Me juga la yang bodoh sebab moody-moody boleh-boleh nak marah kat orang. Kadang-kadang terfikir gak. Why this things have to keep for a long time.? First time I got a "friend" yang mula-mula fun then ignore me. First time juga I got a "friend" yang boleh touching because of me. Just so speechless. Yeah. Its been almost 2 months we didn't talk, joking around, smashing, hitting, hang out, laugh out loud and so on. I miss that actually. Tapi, nak buat macam mana. Too sad. I've tried to apologize. That why I choose untuk duduk kat belakang dia supaya senang untuk me minta maaf. Then what I got. Ouch! So ouch! The person stand up and duduk kat depan. Ya. I'm so touch! And yes, I'm crying that time. I guess no one know I'm crying that time. Then, I just said to myself. Ouh, okay. If that's what the person wanted to. I will do it too. But there is a side that no one can help us untuk jadi macam dulu. Masing-masing ego kot. Nak buat macam mana ni? :'( May be or not the person read what I'm post through my Facebook. It is for the person. Ya, I'm trying too. Tapi, it's hard. Dah lama dah kot. I'm sure this will be too awkward. I am sorry! I miss to be like before. But when? That's all peeps! ♥♥

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