May 10, 2013

long distance relationship!

Hello peeps! Sharing is caring coming to you. Heh! Today entry is about long distance relationship. Sometimes, I just don't believe long distance relationship can really work out or not. It maybe can work out, but depends on the person. Ya! Depends on a person. Apa lagi kalau long distance relationship yang kita never meet the person. Haha! But I really salute this couple down here. Thumbs up for this couple. I found shared by my friend. So sweet. Awww.. Haha! After read it, I just so speechless. And yes, I already believe in long distance relationship. 5000 miles separate them. It is too far.

She said :
" We both waited for almost 4 years just to see each other again. But the long distance between us didn't stop us to give up. it just made us even more stronger. And yes, we made it through together and I hope we'll last forever!!! I love you so much baby!!!  He went to Manila all the way from Norway and me from Japan to finally see each other again. It was more than 5,000 miles between us all the years we're apart. But yeah even the longest distance won't stop us from loving each other. :">  It's true, "distance means so little when someone means so much." "

How I wish if it is the true and happen to me. :')

That's all. wink wink**

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