June 5, 2010

Last Day Of LI..

Date : 04 June 2010
actually kami semua habis praktikal on 11 June 2010.
tapi we all minta awal and xsangka that our request is approved by our BOS.
thanks you BOS!!
we are happy 4 finishing our PRACTICAL sem successfully.
tapi.. surely i am sad 4 leaving ILP MIRI.
many memories i've got from ILP MIRI.
1.) become assistant.
2.) become MC for an event.
3.) joining them on their student dinner pra-graduation and more.
hope i will come back there as a truely worker n not as a practical student.

See wat i got n wat i've done at ILP MIRI...

. this is where ILP MIRI located .

. just showing the design of template .
left made by MIZ WINNIE and at the right done by me.

. this is a banner .
i made it for fun

. this is my Lady BOS .

. this is my CESS BOS .

. and this bestest group at ILP MIRI i guess .
* from left Mr.Aslimi, Mr.Daniel, Mr.McBouglas and Mr.Terry *

end by me..Lovely elie

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