May 7, 2010


kejayaan dalam peperangan. haha~
pertemuan antara hidup and mati..ahaks..

my bos. xplu sebut nama la.
have a meeting with other party.
its about ISO. huhu.. hope it'll be Ok.
after several hours~~
my bos going out from meeting room with
HAPPY face.
i just can say~ " wow "
i have no idea with it and my bos said.
UNIT UPL satu-satunya unit yang terbaik"
wow..terbaek 2. i'm speachless. haha..
tidak sangka that unit pengurusan LI is the best.
kena puji lagi. well~~see la. haha.. love it.
and the next day~ bos expense us eat
KFC. nyum2...
btw.. congratulations once again.
ok. chow~~

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