February 28, 2010

Going out with M>I>S>T>E>R..

At this time,
we hang out together.
we >> me "elie" her "trifena" she "Cylla" n him.
seperti yang pernah dijanjikan oleh him. janji mok mbak kuar jalan2. so, him tunaikan la janji beliau. first going to parkson, makan2 dlu deng. then, puas pelau2 kat parkson, p imperial mall. kat cya pun pelau2 jak cuci mata. me jak la cuci mata. her n she, xda la cuci mate. they buy PICK utk gitar. both of them love to play guitar. love it!! me also love guitar. love bunyi jak, mok main tapi xpandai main. birthday song teach by trifena pun ku lum pasti gila. pandai hantam jak la. ooOOppzz!! lari topik la pula. okeys~~continue the story... after they buying things, go where again huh?? oow..go ESPLANADE la. love that place. before this pnah juak p. like i wish before this, hope to go there again. that time la is my 2nd time going to esplanade. come n see picture2.

* that's us *
from left - me, him n her.

this pula, me again, him and her.

* that's me n him *

this taken by him n her. nice huh!! nice after i'm edit it.

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